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What Our Clients Say

  • Collen - London (15.09.17)

    Collen - London (15.09.17)

    Anytime I am travelling and take my care somewhere else, I am always disappointed because nobody cleans a car like Eco Pressure teams. They come to my house, always fast, efficient and friendly. I highly recommended them.
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If can't find what you had in mind, get in touch with us using the form below or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

30% Off from our Deluxe Valet and Interior Valet services
Deluxe Valet was £90 now only £60
Interior Valet was £60 now only £42


Please note: Prices are subject to a pre valet inspection. Heavily soiled vehicles may incur a surcharge.


Mobile car detailing is the way of the future for savvy car owners everywhere. As you would expect from a premier company we are fully insured and all car valeters are well trained. Our service is personalised, professional and provide the ultimate in convenience and professionalism. We are self sufficient, all our vans are fully equipped with their own water and power supplies.

Our focus is on providing a quality valeting service, using only quality products to produce quality results.  Our valeting is about getting the right result with each specific vehicle, not turning over as many vehicles as possible in the least amount of time. When valeting your car, we use non-scratch washmitts, non-scratch microfibre drying towels, and microfibre cloths for buffing etc.  We select the best products for the job, not the cheapest.

Protection and Peace of Mind

Regular waxing preserves your vehicle’s paint and re-sale value. A clean and shiny vehicle will give potential buyers confidence that your vehicle is in excellent condition inside and out. A neglected vehicle on the outside will appear to be neglected in all areas, bring down the re-sale value and making it more difficult to sell. Your vehicle’s paint is the icing on the cake to a mechanically sound vehicle.

First Impressions Matter

Driving a clean, shiny vehicle is more enjoyable than driving a dirty, dull vehicle. A clean vehicle projects confidence and professionalism. It shows that you care about your vehicle and promotes a positive image. This is essential if you use your vehicle for business. First impressions are important; customers want to see that you take care of all aspects of your business. Customers will appreciate being in a clean vehicle, as they do a clean office or store.

In the end, regular car detailing is a question of class and style. If you want a car that is clean, comfortable, great looking, and valuable, then you want it detailed.

Car detailing is a process that you can accomplish yourself, but done properly, it requires a lot of time, equipment, and know-how. The wrong interior treatment, for example, could ruin your leather seats. Or a improper wax job can actually make your car look worse.

By hiring an expert who will get the job done right, you can ensure that your car will look pristine year after year, mile after mile.

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